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The Montpellier agency opened its doors in the heart of the famous Saint-Roch church area in 2011.

This neighborhood is to Montpellier what the Marais is to Paris. It is full of concept stores, wine and cocktail bars, each as original and as different, which all together make for the well-being of the city.

Coming from the top of the lovely Saint-Roch square, you can easily recognize Mat & Seb with its famous fushia vespas and its yellow fermob lounge which is the pretext for many after-works parties. Upon entry it’s impossible to miss the mirror ball hanging from the ceiling and many other details like candles, music and flowers which turn the agency into a colourful and quirky universe that gives a good idea of the charming and atypical properties that we offer.

The entire team offers you a combination of ten different personalities that you’re just going to like whether you are gay, athletic, an artist or other. They are all open-minded people who are always eager to offer you a great service in order to ease and simplify your real estate needs.

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